About Royal Lacre

Royal Lacre since 1957 makes custom wax stamps in its own engraving workshop and provides the accessory material for use: wax bars and guns for wax sealing. 

Each Royal Lacre stamp is a small artwork, unique and personal.

Chocolate stamp
Presented at the Alimetaria 2016 in Barcelona, the chocolate stamp was a great success among the audience present. The chocolate stamp (a novel variation of...
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Wax for sealing with gun
The sealing wax gun allows you to seal quickly, easily and cleanly. Just let it heat up for 5 minutes and pull the trigger. Ideal...
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Wax Seal with Initials
Custom wax seal with initials, you can choose the typography and the border, also include symbol & among the initials. You can also engrave only...
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Wax Bar with wick
Multi-colored synthetic wax bars with wick. Ideal for sealing short series, invitations, envelopes, packages... Available colors are Red, Bordeaux, Gold, Silver and Black. To spin...
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Wax stamps for wedding invitations

Royal Lacre specializes in wax stamps for wedding invitations. There is a special wax seal for each type of wedding, traditional wax stamps with initials and date, with the names of the bride and groom, even with royal monograms designed for the occasion combining the initials of the bride and groom.

Royal Lacre also prepares for this special event wax stamps with the heraldry of families, or wax seals as beautiful as the famous Tree of Life and Modernist Seal of Royal Lacre designed by its master engravers. Royal Lacre’s own design team caters to and advises the bride and groom’s requests to create the ideal wax seal for each wedding.