Chocolate stamp

Presented at the Alimetaria 2016 in Barcelona, the chocolate stamp was a great success among the audience present.

The chocolate stamp (a novel variation of the wax stamp, simply adapting the conicities and textures of the engraving to the particularities of the chocolate) is a simple and very inexpensive way to customize with your brand or signature cakes, cakes and everything kind of confectionery.

No more ordering expensive aluminum chocolate molds to have pieces of chocolate with your signature and have to make huge amounts of chocolate.

In addition to the outer shape of all medallions or chocolate stamps, they are different, giving the product a handcrafted look that is not obtained with another industrial process.

To order the chocolate stamp, simply buy the lacquer stamp with logo and simply upload the logo when placing the order and indicate with a comment that you want to use it for chocolate.

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