Coat of Arms or Heraldic Wax Seal

Coat of Arms or Heraldic Wax Seal, personalized.

Since the Middle Ages, the nobility has had a heraldic badge to identify the fiefs they possessed. This badge, often called a coat of arms, identified the soldiers of the feudal lord and was inherited from parents to children. Through them you can recognize the members of a noble family and their dynasty, which goes back to the origins of today’s countries.

Today we live in other legendary times, which is not an obstacle to recreate in the family past; even in the possibility of descending from one of those feudal lords who a thousand years ago ruled a fief. Consequently, many of our clients have asked Royal Lacre to be complicit in their illusions. With this illusion we have developed a line of seal of heraldic sealing to highlight its lineage.

Royal Lacre offers you quality and care when preparing contours and profiles, whether it is a modern coat of arms or a historical shield. Thus, both individuals, companies or associations can have a taxing service, which includes several depths and thicknesses without which the final detail would not obtain the characteristic quality of our workshop.

To improve the detail of your request, the design of a seal of heraldic sealing can be engraved names or slogans, for which, you just have to send us a design, either by hand or in a computer file (Corel, Illustrator, Freehand, PDF, JPG, CAD …) and then we will work on its preparation for approval. Below you can see some examples.Custom wax seal with coat of arms or heraldry

PRICE: From € 85 VAT included.

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