Wax Seal with Initials

Custom wax seal with initials, you can choose the typography and the border, also include symbol & among the initials.

The sealing seal with initials is the most demanded product and loved by the users of Royal Lacre. From the beginning, our workshop has been at the service of thousands of international and national clients who were looking for exceptional detail for a unique moment in their lives. The increase in demand in the workshop in recent years certifies this seal as one of the options with the best results.

Each client needs a personalization of their initials with the most appropriate typography for the occasion. Sometimes it is a banquet, or a wedding; other occasions demand a personal use, or for business, a detail according to its range in which the logo of your company is sealed. You can choose between different typefaces, and if in doubt, our designer can suggest the best option. Also, you can suggest taking inspiration from the models you will find on our page.

Together with our seal, which includes a wooden handle in a comfortable box, you can order the sealing bars you want. Our workshop takes special care to provide the necessary thickness and depth so that the sealing does not come together in those most delicate design strokes. The final result, as you can see in the images, is a personalized one that evokes the importance of your identity.

With our sealing seal with initials you can choose the typeface and the border, as well as include the “&” symbol among the initials. In addition, if you prefer you can record a single letter or up to three initials.

You can also engrave only 1 letter or up to 3 initials.

PRICE: Starting at € 35 VAT included.

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