Wax Seal with Names

Custom Wax Seal with Names, you can choose the typography and the border, also include symbol & among the names.

This seal offers many possibilities to personalize and give a satisfactory response to our clients’ wishes. On the one hand, Royal Lacre accepts design proposals that fit the size of the stamp and the most appropriate typefaces, without compromise. On the other hand, our design team offers a series of fonts and ornaments with which to respond to any format or design that you deem appropriate.

In our workshop we will adapt your design to the width of the seal and polish the finish so that it shines without any defect. Depending on the thickness of the letters, we will model a seal with a suitable depth so that it can seal without deformities in the final result. In addition, the stamp with names does not mean that we only record personal names; We can also tax company names, brands, dates and we can even add a decoration or design to beautify the result.

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You can contemplate our catalog and choose between several examples. Consider the slenderness of a handwritten typography, the forcefulness of a Gothic letter, or a more modern format with a typography without serif. Get inspired by the different examples of personalized sealing seal with names. You can also choose the most suitable border or ornaments, without forgetting the “&” symbol between the names.

Alternatively, if desired, one or two names, first and last name, or two names and a date can also be recorded. If your seal is business, the name of the company and one year, or any combination that meets your needs. All Royallacre seals include a wooden handle that fits the seal perfectly. 

You can also engrave only one or two names, first or last name, company name and year of establishment, ect.

PRICE: starting at € 40 VAT included

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