Gift box with sealing bars

Gift box with sealing bars. Detail.

Sometimes, customers who do not need to seal a series for events have requested a sealing seal. Sometimes, the intention of making a surprise gift for a loved one. Therefore, one of the favorite options that Royal Lacre offers is a gift pack that includes two traditional sealing bars, along with the personalized sealing in the lid, and an interior space to store your sealing seal.

If this is your wish, and wants to surprise you with an unforgettable gift, your choice is the gift box. Made of wood, with an exclusive design for our Royal Lacre customers, it is the ideal option to make your gift unique and unrepeatable. Inside a sliding drawer, a synthetic foam lining allows the tools to be accommodated within their molds, adding a touch of distinction and functionality.

If you want your Royal Lacre stamp to be more exclusive, don’t wait for a designated date to make a Royal Lacre gift. The originality and exclusivity of our products guarantee that your gift will always be a surprise well received on any date. Give your detail greater depth to make it memorable.

The sealing seal is not included in the price of the gift box with sealing bars. Therefore, we recommend that you first determine what type of stamp you want to give. You can be inspired by motives or ideas with which this person identifies. Once the design is completed and its approval given, turn a personal tool into an unforgettable gift with the gift box.

PRICE: € 15 VAT included

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