Ink Stamp for Wax Sealing

Ink Stamp for Wax Sealing with which to paint the gold and silver colored lacquers.

One of the favorite accessories to enhance the detail of your sealing seal is the ink sealing buffer. Thanks to this simple inking bar the final results of the sealing can acquire an enhancement and detail difficult to match. Since the relief of the sealing is structured on a surface of “valleys and ridges”, the sweep with the inking buffer remains on the crest, creating a double effect of depth and color, while the valley retains the base color of the sealing used ..

The operation of the sealing ink buffer is very simple: as seen in the photographs, you just have to open the bar cap, and apply the inked surface on the sealing carefully, making circular movements and without pressing too much. After a first application, you can repeat the process to achieve greater color intensity. Once your application is finished you should close it with the hood and place the tampon upside down for greater preservation.

Royal Lacre offers you the possibility of inking in two colors: gold and silver. With them you will get an excellent finish for sealing seals of any color, which allows many combinations. The tones used can describe a range of warm, neutral and cold. For example, you can apply gold over the traditional red sealing wax and thus give a warmer and brighter shade, or silver over black, and thus give a cooler shade. You can try multiple combinations.

It is an ideal complement to achieve a “premium” finish on Royal Lacre seals.

PRICE: € 3.20 VAT included

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