Wax Seal with Logo

Wax Seal with Logo, customized with logo, drawing or signature.

In the Royal Lacre workshop, different designs can be modeled so that they adapt to the seal. The main difficulty is in choosing the right tool for a type of depth, concavity and width of the sealing seal with logo. Therefore, after a long process of improvement, we are prepared to realize your wishes.

Many of our commercial clients, and individuals with some personal interest, usually ask for the sealing seal with logo for their image and promotion needs. Some of these requests may seem difficult to make, since they require different depths in the same figure. But these difficulties are only apparent. Our specialists have long experience in finding creative and aesthetic solutions that suit your taste.

Royal Lacre will engrave the Wax Seal with Logo from the design you give us, preferably in vector format, (Corel, Freehand, Illustrator, pdf, cad …). If the design were not in these formats, with a quality image it will be enough to be able to vectorize it. During the process of creating the vector outline, you will have a sample before the final approval, being able to suggest to our designer the changes that you consider appropriate. Once approved, the workshop will be responsible for manufacturing the sealing seal with logo.

Together with our logo sealing seal, which includes a wooden handle in a comfortable box, you can order the sealing bars you want. Our workshop takes special care to provide the thickness and depth necessary so that our sealing does not come together in those most delicate strokes. The final result, as you can see in the images, is as varied as the personality of our clients.

PRICE: Starting at € 45 VAT included

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