Royal Lacre’s Chocolate Stamp

One of our best options was presented at the Barcelona Food Salon 2016. Among the curious and the professionals in the field present, Royal Lacre’s Chocolate Stamp stood out with a notable success. After the long launch, there have been many who have approached our page to ask about him.

This is a novel variation of sealing, for which the taper and textures of the engraving have been adapted to the particularities of chocolate. As is well known, wax and chocolate have different resistance and, consequently, can blur the pattern if the mold is not prepared for chocolate; Consequently, it is a simple and cheap way to personalize cakes, cakes and all kinds of pastries with your brand.

Many of our clients have asked us what is the advantage of using a seal instead of other industrial systems. If you are one of them, you should know that your main economic advantage will avoid the expensive order of an aluminum mold. Thanks to him you can obtain chocolate pieces with your signature without having to make huge amounts of chocolate to amortize it.

In addition, the artisanal use of the chocolate seal gives a unique medallion shape, giving the product an artisanal look that is not obtained through the industrial process.

Finally, to order it, you must buy the sealing seal. Then, you must upload the logo you want to engrave when ordering, commenting that you want to use it for chocolate.


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