Traditional wax sealing bars

Traditional wax sealing bars, high quality red color.

This is an important choice for those who know the traditional sealing technique. When a large quantity of lacquers is not required Royal Lacre recommends the option of the traditional sealing bar. Even so, it has the option of gun sealing as an optimal solution to the serial sealing of documents,

As our ancestors used to seal, you can securely seal envelopes. The final seal of the traditional sealing bar is hard and fragile. This quality allows us to know if an envelope has been opened or not, and thus certify that no one has handled it. Likewise, both the sealing creation process and the finishing are handmade both in its handling and in the final texture.

Traditional sealing bar is manufactured in Spain by hand. Its composition is based on traditional formulas that apply a manual method from natural raw materials. You can check the final quality of this Royal Lacre product yourself; for its easy application, high adhesion and a glossy finish with which to dazzle your acquaintances.

Below you can better see some examples of the traditional sealing result. You can, if you wish, compare it with that of the sealing gun in the corresponding section.

To seal a long series of invitations we recommend that you keep the seal cold, since the heat could be inconvenient for the layout; for example, placing it on top of an ice cube: an optimal solution to the serial sealing of documents,

PRICE: € 3.99 VAT included

You can buy any number of individual bars, or in complete boxes of 10 bars.

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