Sealing Wax Bars with Wick

Sealing wax bars with wick, of various colors.

Another option available in Royal Lacre for its sealing solutions are the sealing bars with wick. The operation is not very different from that of any candle, and ensure that the ignition is maintained for as long as the wick is on. As seen in the image, it has several colors: gold, black, silver, burgundy and red.

Once the wick is lit, the sealing bar must be tilted upside down so that the flame melts the sealing wax. This, unlike the traditional sealing bar, is synthetic. However, the result is excellent, as seen in the examples of sealing gun, and those shown below. While the result is not like traditional sealing, the wick sealing bar offers you the comfort of not using a gun. In addition, it keeps the sealing on for as long as it takes, being able to turn off the bar whenever you want.

The sealing wax bars with wick is ideal for sealing short series: invitations, envelopes, packages, etc. You do not have to be aware of the preparations because it is easy and quick to use. The variety of colors available will allow you to give a touch of distinction according to your particular tastes. You can use burgundy for a classic touch, black, for a neutral or lazy one; gold or silver, to indicate the relevance of the event and red as a personal detail.

To seal a long series of invitations we recommend keeping the seal cold, for example, placing it each time on top of an ice cube.

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