Wax for Sealing with Gun

Wax for Sealing with Gun. Detail.

The raw material to seal with its Royal Lacre seal is the sealing bar. However, if you need the need or if you need to seal many letters or documents for a celebration, you have the sealing seal for the gun. Thanks to the easy handling of this tool, designed to use an ideal diameter of sealing bars, you can seal quickly, easily and cleanly.

The functioning is quite simple. Once plugged into the power, you must wait about 5 minutes for it to warm up. First you must introduce the sealing bar with the standard measurement, through the hole until it is placed inside. Once heated, the molten seal will come out of the exit hole when the trigger is pressed. In order to better introduce the hot rod, you must press the trigger several times as it melts.

When the sealing bar is finished, you can enter a new one without turning off the gun. In this way you can continue sealing without interruption, both in long and short series, invitations, envelopes, packages, etc. In order to provide you with an optimal amount of sealing, our gun sealing bars have a diameter of 12 millimeters, with which you will get better performance.

Here is a sample of the colors available in Royal Lacre. The colors available are: red, burgundy, gold, silver and nacre white.

To facilitate the use of your gun sealing, we recommend that for a long series of seals keep the seal cold, since the heat could be inconvenient for the layout, for example, by placing it on top of an ice cube:

PRICE: from € 9.50 VAT included

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