Wax Seal for Wedding Invitations

Wax Seal for Wedding Invitations. Modernist stamp detail.

For the most important day of your life Royal Lacre has thought of a range of stamps based on floral and natural designs with which to connect the lucky bride and groom forever. After a long experience in the design of wedding stamps, we offer the 3 most recognized designs.

Sealing stamps for wedding invitations are engraved with the initials of the bride and groom. Its design, proven by a long tradition, allows an application without distortions for the series of wedding invitations, cards, envelopes and other varied details that are offered at weddings (bottles, menu, gifts, congratulations, etc.) . The design of our wedding stamps is designed to embellish the result with the Royal Lacre touch of distinction, and to offer your guests a personal detail with which to remember their union.

Sealing seal for wedding invitations. Tree of life stamp detail.

You can choose between three designs mainly. If you want a stamp that highlights family enthronement, we suggest the “Tree of Life”; If you want to get carried away by the beauty of the old Catalan jewels, the “Modernist” label is your choice; Finally, if your desire is the clarity that highlights the love between the bride and groom, your choice is the “Heart of flowers”. Below you can see the details of the highlighted stamps:

The Royal Lacre’S Wax Seal for Wedding Invitations is the greatest exponent of detail and quality. A great design that can be customized with the initials of the names at a reasonable price.

PRICE: € 50 VAT included

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