The Engraving Workshop

Royal Lacre has its own and exclusive workshop of engraving of wax seals. Royal Lacre since 1957 is dedicated to engraving these wax seals and distributes them all over the world. The third generation of engravers and a small group of great design and engraving professionals work on the realization of these small artworks that are the wax stamps of Royal Lacre.

Every order received from the online store or via email receives the attention, affection and dedication it deserves to achieve a high quality wax seal , personal and unique.

Designing a wax seal
Designing a wax seal


The first step is the design of the seal using the most modern computer tools, starting with the indications or the originals sent by customers. Years of experience in this type of engraving allow Royal Lacre to get the best result to the initials, monograms, cenefas, shields… they request.

In the same way, for those who require a special project, Roya Lacre machine the wax seals with special shapes or measures, make reproductions from physical objects or photographs, produce aged stamps for films…

engraving lacquer seal
Engraving a wax seal using 3D laser with a piramidal base pattern


Once the design is finished, the engraving is made on the wax seals previously turned or milled in quality laton, in the Royal Lacre workshop itself. These wax seals have two round standard sizes of 25 and 30mm diameter, but on request can be made of any shape and size, even for industrial applications.

The engraving of the wax stamp is done by a 3D engraving laser of the latest generation.

Our experienced master engraver finishing a wax stamp.


Once the engraving is finished, the wax seal is polished, cleaned and the small details are highlighted in a burial.

Finally the foot of the letter is marked on the back of the wax stamp with a well visible sign so that it can be sealed straight.

Royal Lacre wax stamps are delivered in a small protective box where they are stored so that they do not suffer any blows or scratches while not in use. In this way you can enjoy the sealing wax stamp in perpetuum et unum diem.